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About us

JCM Studio is a digital design and UX/UI studio based in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in omni-channel integrated advertising, multi-platform product design, brand identity, direct marketing and social media strategy; with a focus on engagement, acquisition and increased revenue.

With 15+ years of cross-industry experience, we've elevated the User Experience of Fortune 500 brands across Media, Publishing, Beauty and Retail through insightful, costumer-centric, data-driven digital strategy. We've lead marketing, sales, technology and product development clients through the entire creative process.

We are creative and tenacious thinkers who enjoy collaboration, brainstorming and most of all; the challenge. JCM Studio comprises a loose collective of art directors, copywriters, technologists, 3D artists, musicians, ex-Marines and world-travelers who are battle-tested and prepped for the synesthesia of design, technology and the real world. As we've done for our clients below; let's conquer your next design challenge together.

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Our Services

Creative Strategy

It's not just about beautiful design; whether it's an email marketing campaign, an entire website or an app; JCM Studio will research your competitors and the relevant trends in your industry to establish a baseline against which to measure performance. We'll then take your idea, sketch it out and conceptualize until it's synthesized into a best in class product that can be measured in tangible results.

Creative Direction

If you need a multi-channel, integrated advertising campaign or the strategy, direction or style guide for it; we can lead the entire process. We can also manage in-house designers, developers, 3D artists, or advertising agencies towards a unified, creative solution for your brand and business goals.

Interactive Design

If you want a more immersive, interactive, omni-channel multimedia experience for your users, clients or product; we'll show you how. Flash may be on its way out but HTML 5, social media and mobile offer new ways to be interactive.

UX, UI, Website design

From sketching out user scenarios and user flows for targeted personas, to drafting Functional Requirement Documents, prototyping and finally designing hi-fidelity screens; JCM Studio will build your app or site from the ground up into a responsive experience for tablets, mobile or desktop. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap included.

Responsive Mobile & Tablet design

If your desktop site's not rendering accurately on a phone or tablet; JCM Studio will walk you through the steps needed to design a seamless user experience for all devices. We can apply the same technique to your email marketing campaign templates.

Social Media Marketing

If the difference between a Snapchat or Vine video isn't clear; JCM Studio can also advise on whether Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are the target audience for your brand. We'll put together a social media campaign and calendar to make sure your plan is scalable and manageable.

Print Design

The ink is not yet dry on the paper predicting print's demise. JCM Studio can design your OOH campaign to match your digital brand, or simply design print collateral that still grabs users' attention despite digital schizophrenia. JCM Studio includes designers who specialize in the intricacies involved with actual ink on paper.

Technical Direction

JCM Studio is bilingual in code and design and can preemptively curb any possible hiccups during the design phase before development begins. If you have an in-house team of programmers or an off shore outsourced team you need to convey design ideas to; we'll ensure your HTML/CSS pages match your initial designs and will prepare a Functional Requirements Document your programmers can understand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We can guide you on the SEO basics your website should have to be able to even show up on search results at all. For more advanced SEO tactics we have partners who can apply their specialized techniques to your site.


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