How do you draw social media attention and excitement to a brand new Website based in Texas, while concurrently increasing their email database?

ClickedIn.com wanted to grow its user database and make an impression in the city of Texas. Along with the rest of Creative, Marketing and Strategy teams, we came up with #THISISTX; a contest where you submitted your best photograph of Texas for a chance to win $500 and be featured on ClickedIn.com. The idea was to rally Texans to show pride in their city and champion its culture by way of its most iconic locations.

The hashtag was created and an email and social media campaign were started. We deployed a 3rd party module which collected all Photographic entries into a landing page we designed. JCM Studio also Creative Directed the campaign, which had to inherently represent the feel of Texas.

The results were a hometown buzz that went viral; reaching over 100,000 people and with over 2,000 entries, we ended having to extend the sweepstakes and increasing the prize.

Services: Creative Direction, Technical Direction, Social Media Marketing.