• It's not stock. It's Shutterstock.
  • It's not stock. It's Shutterstock.
  • It's not stock. It's Shutterstock.
  • It's not stock. It's Shutterstock.

"It's not stock. It's Shutterstock." worldwide campaign

How do you take a fresh rebrand and transcreate it into campaigns in 21 languages for 150+ countries?

Working in tandem with our agency of record, Shutterstock had a brand new look and feel that championed fresh, unexpected visuals and copy that were not the stocky imagery you'd expect; "It's not stock. It's Shutterstock." The rebrand was such a success I partnered up with printers in NYC and Europe to rebrand our physical offices with posters of the campaign. But now that we had a brand north star; we needed to bring the same message to our audience around the world.

After setting up a clear brand style guide; it was a matter of establishing close relationships with trusted local agencies in each regional market. Then the art direction had to be strategically thought out so the global campaign would adapt to each culture and still feel local.

For example; for geographicaly specific European imagery; we'd have to curate thru tons of images to find the most striking local photography. Even if it wasn't the most unexpected subject; we could still play with unique colors, angles and themes to match our unexpected new look.

Diverse music festivals across Europe also offered a challenge; your best bet was to capture the emotion of music and express it through colors emotive shots. Likewise with ads targeting fashion; as Fashion Week was now worldwide

The result were fresh, vibrant campaings full of regionally relevant imagery that were still aspirational and unexpected; showing the world we were more than "stocky" photography.

Services: Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Print Design.