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Time Warner Cable - ClickedIn

Time Warner Cable’s old ClickedIn.com site used a Daily Deal template also used by other competitors. Apart from not standing out amongst the competition - with a new Direct Marketing Team at the helm ready to act on instant data analytics - it simply took too long to make changes on-the-fly. Of course the Creative team was also itching for the chance to stylistically improve upon the limiting template.

Break it down and build it from scratch. After an initial sit down with the VP of Creative and collaborating on preliminary page concepts; JCM Studio designed and built out an entirely new website complete with a custom Content Management System. From writing the Functional Requirement Documents and flying out to North Carolina to interface with the Development team, to working out the UX/UI and ultimate look and feel of every page, JCM Studio oversaw all parts of the process.

The result was a sleek, agile, fully searchable website that allowed marketers, copywriters or designers to quickly make changes via the CMS as new data/analytics came in on each campaign. It was scalable to national campaigns and included FBML and social media modules that made social media marketing an organic part of all campaigns. It also hosted the TV commercials ClickedIn produced for clients; rounding out a truly integrated marketing portal. Each Client’s online portal could be individually branded. Of course the site also captured emails into our database and allowed for purchases which our Clients could then validate using the ClickedIn Mobile/Tablet app we redesigned.

It also streamlined the Creative process; eliminating redundancies and making the production of campaigns much faster. ClickedIn now had a best in class beautifully designed website, our own CMS we could make changes on-the-fly with; and a fresh new look which became a known go-to destination in Texas. JCM Studio also branded a social media presence, business cards, T-Shirts, etc. in a complete 360 degree brand package.

Services: Creative Direction, Technical Direction, UX/UI, Branding, Digital Strategy, Social Apps, SEO, Mobile & Tablet design, Print Design, Social Media Marketing.