1-800-Flowers.com Interactive Video

How can 1-800-Flowers.com drive excitement to their unique Happy Hour Bouquet collection based off cocktails, while simultaneously reaching a new audience?

In conjunction with 18F’s Creative Director and the PR team, JCM Studio designed and developed a series of "choose your own adventure" interactive videos which we shot at a local bar. They starred comedian Chuck Nice and Laurie Kilmartin from VH1’s "Best Week Ever" in a sequence of shorts where Chuck would try to pick up Laurie.

The end result was you could effectively control the outcome for Chuck based on the pick-up lines you chose for him; all of them culminating with Chuck bouquet in hand. Despite some needed censoring of Chuck’s jokes for a family brand, the campaign was a success and once again brought 18F to the forefront of digital advertising.

Services: Interactive Design, Flash, Art Direction.